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A black eye is not a disease but a kind of eye injury. It is also known as periorbital hematoma in medical terms. Quite often the coloring of the bruising is blackish, which is why the situation is called a 'black eye


There are various reasons which can cause a black eye; such as a blow to the eye or nose. In addition, surgical procedures such as a facelift, jaw surgery, or nose surgery can also cause the area around the eye to swell and turn black.


A black eye can be avoided by using some basic precautions, such as wearing quality gear for any work-related activities. Wearing goggles while working or doing yard work is also advisable. In addition, it is also essential to wear seat belts and helmets while driving a car or riding a cycle or motorbike.

Black Eye Home Remedies and Treatments:

Black Eye Treatment with Ice

The quickest treatment is to ice the affected area, which is easily available at home. Wrap a piece of ice in a clean cotton cloth and apply for 15-20 minutes, every hour for one day. This will help to decrease the swelling by constricting the blood vessels and reduce the internal bleeding, which is what causes the black color.

Black Eye Treatment with Vitamin C

Vitamin C makes the walls of the blood vessels thicken. Including it in the diet can bring about the faster healing of a black eye. The main sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits such as Indian gooseberries, guavas, limes, lemons, and oranges.

Black Eye Treatment with Cayenne Pepper and Vasoline

A mixture of 1 part cayenne pepper and 5 parts melted Vaseline can be applied once a day in treatment of black eye.

Black Eye Treatment with Onion

A poultice (soft, moist mass) of roasted onions can be applied to the bruised area to get instant relief.

Black Eye Treatment with Butter

Butter, which is easily available at home, could be applied to the affected area to get some relief.